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Atria's Brick Cellar Bar is an honored sanctuary for Vineyard regulars and a familiar getaway for the many notables who frequent the Island. The cool feel and warm finish of the brass bar and the extensive menu hosted by adroit bartenders, is an instant invite to kick back, relax and enjoy!

Both the burger and the fine dining menu are available in the brick cellar bar. Because sometimes you feel like a burger and sometimes you feel like a 4-pound stuffed lobster.
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Edgartown's Atria houses a swanky bar in its brick walled basement. Fish tanks, cushy dark leather chairs, and a bumper pool table are as inviting as the live music that plays on most summer nights. The simple, yet stylish upstairs dining room has a balanced feel to it, as does the Mediterranean and Asian inspired food. On some nights, Atria dresses the dinner tables with a fishbowl centerpiece, holding a Japanese Fighting Fish.

The Phantom Gourmet is one of New England's best sources for restaurant reviews. The Phantom is an anonymous restaurant critic who dines in disguise, never revealing his identity and always paying his own bills. That way, he serves up the most honest and trustworthy restaurant reviews possible. Other recognizable, announced critics frequently get special food and service. Phantom forgoes these perks so that his experience will reflect what you can expect when you visit a given restaurant. Atria is a proud recipient of the Vineyard's Best Bar Scene.